Try out this new recipe!

Try out this new recipe!

Homemade cup of noodles direct in your UVI lunchbox.⁠

half a small carrot, shredded⁠
1 cup uncooked thin rice vermicelli⁠
1/4 cup spring onion, thinly sliced⁠
1 unit soft boiled egg ⁠
to taste red thai chili pepper ⁠
to taste cilantro ⁠

Fot the sauce⁠:
1 tbsp chili garlic sauce ⁠
1 tbsp Soy sauce ⁠
1 tbsp ginger paste ⁠
1 tbsp miso paste⁠
2 tsp sesame oil ⁠
1 tbsp peanut butter ⁠
1 cup hot water to fill your UVI⁠

put all the ´sauce´ ingredients into your UVI lunchbox ⁠
put all your vegetable ingredients and the vermicelli into your UVI lunchbox. When you are ready to serve the the water and heat your UVI for 20 minutes . Stir your vermicelli to make sure that the sauce ingredients have dissolved and enjoy ⁠

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